Business Frustrations and a Solution


The question is, where do we start on this subject? The starting point is sharing my experiences creating Unity Home Office.

There were so many challenges presented, particularly encountering untrustworthy people. Dealing with the circumstances of dishonest individuals spiraled me down a rabbit hole of loss of time and money. The frustration became eye-opening for me.

The fact is that I was walking into this without prior knowledge, and this did not serve any justice. I quickly learned that startup companies are preyed upon, a specific target for con artists to take advantage of, exchanging your money for what may seem reasonable at the time.

The journey has been a nightmare, mainly not knowing then what I know now. One of the most painful parts of this journey was behind the website. Going overseas is not sometimes the best decision to make just because they are less expensive. At times you end up paying the price for such decisions.

So I had a web developer from overseas, and the issues started immediately. First, they told me what I wanted to hear: nothing more than empty promises. The lack of communication posed a language barrier that kept spiraling out of control.

There was never an overall company market research account on my particular industry. Experts in this field should be able to provide adequate information on aesthetics, design, colors, etc., which would be best for your business. Your website should be able to convert and be competitive within the market.

I spent so much time correcting mistakes due to needing to follow instructions, grammar, and spelling mistakes, and spending countless times and effort repeatedly explaining what required fixing. Then, adding insult to injury, charging extra to correct their errors.

The dispute of charges, unfortunately, led to having the then website deleted and getting someone else to build a website that did 3/4 of the work and had to run behind them to do some amendments and the rest of the work completed. That would also include obtaining the password to the site.

When doing business, you must exercise caution, mainly if you think going overseas will save you money. You should ask yourself some questions; will it cost me more later? When deciding to go abroad, can you hold the individual(s) liable for their actions? Yes, rates may be less expensive in other countries, but are you willing to take that gamble?

I had to go through all that and more, not without coming out of the situation much wiser. Fortunately, I have found a legit Canadian company that does business internationally, specializing in solutions to help startups and small industries scale with business plans, branding, website development, landing pages, accounting, marketing, marketing videos, legal referrals, etc.

We met and had many extensive conversations to show me their work, and wow, I would compare it to the standard of Gucci. I am unlearning and relearning about this industry. It is without question that people are being preyed on due to a lack of knowledge. It is why Unity Home Office partnered with them and is ready to help in any way to make your business successful. They have given me a reason to smile by restoring my fate in professionalism. As a representative, we would love to pass the excitement on to our customers.

If you want more information on how we can serve you, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] for any inquiries. We are looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Until next time,
Miss Unity

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