Welcome back! In our last blog, we discussed some practical home hacks that we mastered throughout 2022. We also shared some excellent home office furniture and equipment to make your work-from-home experience much more productive. Read below for home office hacks from 2022, part ll.


Top Home Office Hacks of 2022

  1. Use a Second Monitor 💻 – One of the best ways to increase your productivity is by using a second monitor. Save time from switching between tabs and utilize more manageable and efficient drag-and-drop features. 
  2. Keyboard and Mouse 🖱️ – Using an ergonomic keyboard and Mouse can help save you discomfort and avoid stress on your tendons which may cause long-term damage to your wrist.

3. Brainstorming 🧠 – Often, our best ideas come when we’re in the middle of a project, grinding away. It’s essential to ensure you have the proper equipment to “stick a pin to it” until you can address your new idea(s). Creating a board that spurs your creativity will also help ignite new ideas. Use pinboards and whiteboards in your space to accomplish this.

4. Invest in a Standing Desk 📋 – Standing desks have become much more affordable over the past few years. In addition, getting a standing desk can help with posture; good posture comes with mood boosts and better focus.


5. Keep to a Healthy Schedule and Boundaries 🧘 – While this isn’t an equipment-based work-from-home hack, it’s one of the most important aspects of working in the home. Having your work at home can make it hard to separate your personal life from your work life. So here are some helpful tips to ensure healthy boundaries in your home office. 

a. Have a Designated Work Zone Area – A designed area is necessary to ensure productivity.  

b. Define Your Working Hours – Ensuring that you only make yourself during your established working out is paramount. It allows you to start and end your day on your terms, giving you a break you need from working until the next day.


c. Prevent Eye Strain – Have you heard of the 20-20-20 rule? This rule says that every 20 minutes you’re looking at a computer screen, you should look at something 20 feet away for 20 minutes. 

d. Go for Walks – Typically, you’ll want to shoot for 30 minutes of moderate daily activity. However, one great way to do this is to break it up into three separate walks throughout your day. It is a proven method for boosting your mood and focus, thus leading to higher levels of productivity.

Time to Make Your Home Office Space Your Own

The transition to working from home hasn’t been easy for most but by adding ambient lighting, floating shelves, and other unique decorative pieces, you can make your home office that much more enjoyable.


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