What are Radiation and EMF?

Radiation, in simple terms, is particles of energy coming from a source that travels in the air and can penetrate through materials. For example, electromagnetic fields, known as EMF, are magnetic forces of radiation associated with many electric power sources, which include power lines, electric wiring, and electrical appliances.

We can not have negative without having positive, as they are interconnected forces that cannot exist without the other. Radiation does have many beneficial applications. For example: used for environmental purposes in the treatment of water waste; to produce electricity via, for example, solar energy and nuclear energy; scientists use radiation to examine past experiences to determine new ways of doing things.

Radiation is effective by degrees, lower risk by lower doses, and higher risk by higher doses. In addition, radiation is ubiquitous and comes from many sources. Therefore, we are exposed continuously and at risk for its many uses.

A simple way to take action to protect ourselves from the side effects of radiation is by adding plants known to absorb or combat the given waves of radiation to our home office.

Here is a list of radiation-absorbing plants that may help protect from radiation while working from home.

Aloe Vera Plant

A floriculturist once mentioned that aloe vera plants love to watch television. Why? It is an ideal plant for your home office, on your desk, because it can absorb very high radiation levels.

Another helpful tip, aloe vera could assist by cleaning the air in your space, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen! This plant is a must to have on your desk or in close range to where you plan to work.

Snake Plant

Another favorite powerful plant to consider is the snake plant. Like the aloe vera plant, the snake plant also produces clean air and is excellent for radiation absorption.

We recommend having this plant nearby your computer, wi-fi, or other electrical appliances.

Mustard Greens Plant

Mustard greens are among the best plants to add to your home office. Why? Because it not only promotes cleaner air. It has been tested and proven by NASA the plant’s effectiveness in absorption and the elimination of radiation.

Like the aloe vera, snake, and mustard greens plants, consider the following: areca palm, asparagus fern, betel leaf, cactus, rubber, spider, and stone lotus flower plants not only to surround your home but to be part of your home office.

The focus and goal is work-life integration, where our work becomes our life, and our life becomes our work. The process is consistently evolving to be a better version of yourself, for yourself, your family, friends, work, and the community! Taking measures to care for your health and well-being ultimately leads to productivity.

Until next time, Miss Unity


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