Top Home Office Hacks of 2022


For many of us, working from home has become our full-time norm, making our home office one of the spaces we spend the most time in. Furthermore, working from home presents many challenges, as many distractions and other things make it hard to get any work done.

Fortunately, the Unity Home office is here to help you understand what hacks are helpful or useful to help increase your productivity and overall enjoyment of your space. Read more below about our top picks for home office hacks of 2022.

Hacks for a Happy Home Office

  1. Work Near a Window 🌞 – Studies show that those working near a window get much more out of their workday. Seventy-eight percent of employees reported a noticeable improvement in their well-being, with an increase of 70 percent in their productivity. Is natural lighting not an option for your space? We hope you will consider this hack. Adding lamps to your desk and other surfaces or using floor lamps can create a similar effect. Click the links to see the available lights we have. 
  2. Sit Comfortably 🪑 – Having the right desk chair is paramount. Working long hours at a desk can lead to bad posture, but with the proper ergonomic setup and desk chair, you can save yourself a lot of back pain and visits to the doctor. Click here to get the best desk chair for home offices.
  3. Keep Your Desk Organized 📋 – Ensuring your desk is clutter-free helps improve your focus and productivity. Additionally, it’s a massive help in improving your mood, as messy places tend to lead to stress. Look at the desk organization and storage products from Unity Home Office.
  1. Get a Headset 🎧 – Using a headset that doesn’t fit can lead to headaches and missed communication. Make sure to choose a headset that is both comfortable and reliable, helping you to block out noise and other distractions. Click here to take a look at our headsets and other home electronics.
  2. Put Plants in Your Office 🌱 – Making sure that you can breathe healthy air while working from home is so important. With house plants, you get something that looks beautiful while also offering natural air filtration at the same time. Check out some of the house plant stands we have available here.

These Are Our Home Office Hacks Summaries For You

We know that some tips that work for some may not work for others; however, it’s essential to ensure that you’re taking time and notice of things that work for you and others that don’t. 

Unity Home Office knows how hard it can be to work from home, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Fill your home office with beautiful furniture and storage, making your home office the most enjoyable space to work. 

Stay tuned for our next blog as we continue to offer more hacks from 2022 for your home office, and click here to get started with shopping for your space now!

Until next time,
Miss Unity

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