I’m Adriana, your Friendly Numerologist!

My interest in Numerology began after a continuing struggle to find my real purpose and understand the challenges along my life path.

I can’t say I wasn’t busy with life – enjoying little things with my husband and being my daughter’s best friend, but I still felt something was missing. Questions like – who am I, why am I here, what is my real purpose here in this life? – were constantly on my mind.

Since then, I started educating myself in the science of Numerology, and this led me on a journey of discovering the real essence behind who I am, just using my name and birthday!

As I learned that I am a 9 Life Path, I knew I must help people with my knowledge to uncover their life’s purpose with Numerology. With this, Friendly Numerologist was born, the business of my heart that aligned me with my purpose!

If you ask how I got to name my business, I will tell you that it used the science of Numerology! So, what does that mean?

Numerology is a way to measure the vibrations of every letter that goes into making a name. But, of course, this also applies to the numbers themselves, like on birthdays!

Using this chart will help you visualize the number assigned to each letter:

1 – A J S 2 – B K T 3 – C L U and so forth…

The name offers unique access to our identity, allowing people to relate to us or a business.

It is a tool to help you connect with the path you are already on and your intuition about your life and business.

The first and foremost part of starting a venture is to give a name to the business or brand. Your company name is one of its most valuable assets.

Several characteristics should be considered when naming a business. It should:

Why should one use a Numerologist when naming your business?

Even though you might think you have picked a great name, Numerology can help you validate if the name matches your energy and goals. In addition, such a name should be in harmony with the Life Path Number of the person/persons starting the business, as this is important as your business needs to align with your way of being for you to be able to drive its success.

A numerologist will ask questions such as:

1. What should be the name of your business?

2. What should be the date of registration of your business?

3. What type of business is suitable for you according to your numerology chart?

4. Is your business number compatible with your Life Path number?

It is true that along with the right objective, morals, and effort made by the business makers, a name with the correct letters and numbers is likely to perform and grow faster.

The business’s success relies not only on a full vibrational name but on the owner’s knowledge, ability to conduct business, contacts, and a reasonable budget for a strong start. As such, it is essential to note that a numerologically firm name does not guarantee success.

Everyone has the potential to improve their life, yet they do not have access to the information they need to do so. A numerology reading can be an excellent way to gain some perspective on your life or business.

Find the Numerology Report that is right for you and your business by clicking the link below:

As a friend of Unity Home Office Inc., you will receive your report at a 10% discounted price using the code #UHO100 on the submission form.

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